Inconsistent chunk dates warning for stimulations?

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Inconsistent chunk dates warning for stimulations?

Post by Halsey »

Im Getting This Error ... =3&theater

Am running Windows 7 OS.

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Re: Inconsistent chunk dates warning for stimulations?

Post by jtlindgren »

Hello Halsey,

OpenViBE 2.x is much more strict about its conventions and tries to print warnings if they're not followed.

This particular warning is because openvibe expects stimulation stream to be made of continuously stamped chunks. If there's no stimulation for some brief interval, it should send
an empty chunk. So the timestamps should be like

[t1,t2][t2,t3][t3,t4],... etc

where one bracket contains the start and end timestamps for one chunk. But many boxes actually send stamps that are sparse, or discontinuous. So they might send like [0,0] for header, and next some [t2,t3] where t2,t3>0, for the first stimulation.

Afaik this warning can be generally ignored as things in general might not rely on continuity of the stim stream, but we should eventually fix the boxes so they produce comforming streams.


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