connecting OpenViBE to arduino

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connecting OpenViBE to arduino

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Sup every1,

im pretty new in OpenViBE, and im trying to communicate OpenViBE to arduino.
Im using BrainWave ActiCHamp to aquisition of brain waves, and openvibe will communicate with arduino to move some motors, but i cant do the communication with both devices.

BrainWave actiCHamp --> OpenViBE --> Arduino --> motor action

if anyone could help me with that, will be a great help!

ty everyone

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Re: connecting OpenViBE to arduino

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I'm fairly new to this OpenVibe craic aswel, but from messing around with Matlab recently, I'd say it could be possible to connect OpenVibe to Arduino by writing a short Matlab script that works for turning the motors on the Arduino board, then have this script called in OpenVibe?

Sorry if thats no help, but just a suggestion

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