Python Scripting Issues

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Python Scripting Issues

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I've been trying to implement a python script with the python scripting option but I had errors while trying to run it.
I tried to run the python examples just in case, but keep getting the same messages:
error_msg_python.PNG (107.11 KiB) Viewed 280 times
it seems there's an issue with an extra "/" in the path of the plugin, causing the software to not recognize it.
I checked in the software preferences and the paths for lib, bin, and data are referenced like this
config_mg.PNG (104.46 KiB) Viewed 280 times
is it possible that this is the main issue?

Regards the python version, I have installed version 2.7 in an environment. And I'm working with openvibe 64bit version 2.2.0.

Thank you for your time and help!!

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Re: Python Scripting Issues

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Normally double / is not a problem. But one path have a \ it's maybe a problem (Mar\xc3\xada).
One thing in case of, you have install the x64 version of Python ? (if ov is in x64 python must be in x64 too)

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