For Sale: OliMex EEG-SMT w/electrodes, Ten20 paste, and more

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For Sale: OliMex EEG-SMT w/electrodes, Ten20 paste, and more

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(Mods, please forgive me if this is inappropriate, but I figured people would appreciate this... :D )

I am selling my OliMex EEG-SMT 2-channel EEG amplifier on eBay: ... 1374350606?. The listing ends on 11/9/14, at 11:47AM PDT.

Also included:
  • 4 active OliMex EEG electrodes
  • 1 passive OliMex EEG electrode (for DRL)
  • 3 8oz tubs Ten20 conductive paste (one has had a tiny amount (<tsp) removed with a clean hand and used, two are brand new)
  • 5 cables for snap EKG/EMG electrodes (one does not appear to work and at least needs a new plug soldered on, this will be marked for you)
  • 5 high-quality shielded 3.5mm stereo audio cables for making your own cables, three of which are terminated with 2mm banana plugs for use with TENS-style pads
  • A few additional gold-plated 2mm banana plugs and jacks to play with
  • High-quality, hand-made DRL grounding cable (required when using only one channel of the EEG-SST)
10% of your purchase will benefit the Villalobos Rescue Center for Dogs. I will also offer a 5% discount to anyone who mentions the OpenVibe forums when purchasing the item.
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