scenarios configuration

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scenarios configuration

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where do I start if I want to try any of the scenarios ie mindshooter but I want to modify the channels that feed the data? That is I want to do it with the channels of my device and not with the channels coded in openvibe scenario. I know I can change just the names in configuration but as it is obvious it doesn't work. Something else must have to be changed.

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Re: scenarios configuration

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Whether you are using the acquisition client, with the acquisition server for your headset, or prerecorded data with a file reader box, if the channel names have changed compared to what the scenario expects, you need to change them in the scenario accordingly (e.g. channel selector box).

Some boxes also rely on a certain number of channels to be present (e.g. spatial filter), so if the number of channels you have doesn't correspond to the what the scenario originally had, it will cause an issue.

Hope this helps. If you still struggle, don't hesitate to share the error logs, so we can see what specific component fails.


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