gTec: Bluetooth, Topographical Map, Recording Data

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gTec: Bluetooth, Topographical Map, Recording Data

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I am using a gMOBIlab data acquisition device with the gTec system.

1. This seems to require Bluetooth in order to connect to the Driver Configuration, I need to input the Com port from the Bluetooth settings. Is it possible to connect via WiFi instead of Bluetooth?

2. As opposed to just live data acquisition in OpenVibe, how can I actually record the data?

3. Is it possible to create a topographical map of the EEG activity in OpenVibe?

Thank you.

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Re: gTec: Bluetooth, Topographical Map, Recording Data

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1) Seems a question to the gmobilab user manual. More seriously, I don't think wifi is supported.

2) Connect Acquisition Client box to a Generic Stream Writer (or some other writer box) in Designer.

3) Perhaps, by aggregating data over certain period of time and then sending the result to one of the visualization boxes. There's some visualization tutorials for this. I know people use other software to compute the final plots for publications. Often some Matlab package is used.


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