Signal display questions

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Signal display questions

Post by alexp »

Hi all,

when using a signal display, I can set the left ruler when the scenario is operating.
I have to redo this everytime the scenario is restarted. Is it possible to configure this in the design phase?

I can set the vertical scale to best fit or to a specific value. this however is related to a mean value. Is it possible to set the range form value x to value y? This would be practical when having spikes in the data which mess-up the mean value...

Is it possible to have several signal in on display?


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Re: Signal display questions

Post by jlegeny »

Hello Alex,

a) you can modify the vertical scale in the designer by double clicking on the box and checking the 'manual vertical scale' checkbox and setting the scale.

b) In the current version there is no way of fixing a point-to-point scale though.

c) A signal display box will display all the channels of the incoming signals. Thus, if you have several signals to display you can use the Signal merger box to aggregate them, for your convenience you can use the Channel rename box afterwards.


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