OpenViBE v2.0.1 released

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OpenViBE v2.0.1 released

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OpenViBE 2.0.1 has been released. This release mostly addresses issues in 2.0.0. You can find the new version here.

In addition to fixes galore, we'd like to highlight a few new features: EEGO driver support for Linux, and Fiddler, an Acquisition Server extension to debug P300 scenarios.

For contributions to this version, we'd like to thank
- Theodore Papadopoulo and Jean-Luc Szpyrka from Inria for enabling the EEGO driver on Linux.
- Eemagine for other improvements to the EEGO driver
- NeuroServo Inc. and NeurotechX for fixes to the NeuroServo HID driver

When upgrading from OV 2.0.0, note the following
- Starting of 2.0.1, Acquisition Server sends different stimulations if it tampers with the signal: It sends OVTK_StimulationId_Artifact and OVTK_StimulationId_NoArtifact for NaN replacement and OVTK_StimulationId_AddedSamplesBegin, OVTK_StimulationId_AddedSamplesEnd, and OVTK_StimulationId_RemovedSamples for drift correction operations. The previously used stimulations OVTK_GDF_Incorrect and OVTK_GDF_Correct are no longer sent by the server.

When upgrading from OV 1.x series, please check this document.

For full list of changes, please see the following message.

On behalf of the dev team,

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Re: OpenViBE v2.0.1 released

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add error checking for build.cmd script
added archive script
Added jenkins config backup + tags
Fill most of the commands for windows CI
Repo: Fixed anonymous clone access
Repo: Fixed issue with .gitignore not ignoring dependencies
Updated CI links to use production CI + Added windows
Windows ci + package win
windows jenkinsfile


[Base Framework] Simplify ITimeArithmetics formulas to increase precision
[Kernel] Order boxes according to their scenario coordinates
[Kernel] Warn the user if x/y positions of boxes are corrupted
[Module] Return an error when trying to write a signal with sampling rate 0
[Module] Use getaddrinfo to infer ip from a hostname string
[Module] Add zgetTimeRaw time function which returns time since epoch
[Module] Socket: Update method definition in order to use "bool" and "uint32_t" rather than Socket type. * Fix warning raised by unused declaration of string2BluetoothAddress
[Module] Socket: Update base unit test, to always test the port 0, whatever the specified port is.
[Module] Socket: Add method "getSocketPort" to ConnectionServer, in order to be able to set port to listen to '0' (which let the OS find an available port), and then know what port was used.
[Plugins] Add error check in Time Based Epoching in order to stop when input sampling rate, with chosen epoch duration and interval should result in epochs with a null sample count (or a null distance)
[Plugins] Update Temporal Filter in order to estimate DC as the first value of the first chunk, which is better since it does not depend on chunk size.
[Plugins] Add tolerance to chunk continuity in stimulation based epoching
[Plugins] Add explanation to the Time Signal generator
[Plugins] Fix Clock Stimulator for non dyadic intervals
[Plugins] Fix stimulation reading in the CSV File Reader
[Plugins] Fix time signal generator compilation on linux
[Plugins] Make time signal always generate all samples for frequencies larger than 128Hz
[Plugins] Skip out of order stimulations and warn about them
[Plugins] Update CSV Reader version
[Plugins] Update Time Signal generator to be able to send arbitrary frequencies
[Scripts] Fix visual-studio launcher script (was probably broken when adding x64 platform) - Remove unused curl from dependencies
[Scripts] Fix windows-launch-visual-studio.cmd script, that didn't check the proper value for VSCMake.
[Scripts] Fix windows-launch-visual-studio.cmd script, that didn't set OV_PATH_ROOT properly
[Test] add more test cases for time arithmetic tests
[Toolkit] Add additional stimulation codes that can be used with drift correction


[Designer] Delete all box selected when clicking on "delete box" through context menu.
[Designer] Fix bug that allowed several instances of Designer opened at the same time.
[Designer] Fix use of sdk option in visual-studio launcher script
[Designer] Fix visual-studio launcher script (was probably broken when adding x64 platform)
[Designer] Replace contextMenuBoxDeleteCB with deleteBox method, that does basically the same with an identifier of box only.


[Doc] Fix documentation generation under linux OS
Build: Fixed incorrect zlib name for gtk 2.22.1
Build: Fixed the install location of gNEEDaccess .dlls
Build: Fixed various compiler nags
Drivers: Added Generic Time Signal driver for debugging
Drivers: Added some printing to gusbamp gipsa driver
Drivers: Added EEGO driver for linux
Drivers: Changed EEGO to use v1.3.19.40453 of the SDK
Drivers: EEGO driver, various changes; EEGO is now marked stable
Drivers: Fixed another memory leak in the BrainVision Recorder driver
Drivers: Fixed BrainVision Recorder driver to compile with current OV SDK
Drivers: Fixed large memory leak in Brain Vision Recorder driver
Drivers: MBT Smarting now remembers the used port setting
Drivers: Patch to Eego driver to avoid impedance check crash
Drivers: Patch to the NeuroServo HID driver
Drivers: Refactored Micromed SystemPlus Evolution driver
Plugins: Fixed kernel warning wrt Sound Player box
Plugins: Fixed memory leaks in the Matlab box
Plugins: Sound player box no longer forwards stim on quit
Server: Acquisition drivers can now be deprecated
Server: Acquisition Thread now controls the 'state' text in the GUI
Server: Added 'Fiddler' plugin to debug P300 scenarios
Server: Added or removed samples will now be more properly marked
Server: Changed stimulations sent by AS in case of NaN replacement
Server: Changes to TCP Tagging
Server: Client threads now use a condition variable to wait
Server: Drift Correction now prints measured sampling rate on stop
Server: Fixed issue on scheduling buffers to a client that has quit
Server: Fixes to TCP Tagging
Server: Miscellaneous fixes and changes
Server: Miscellaneous small changes
Server: 'Server started' sleep duration is now 0 by default
Server: TCP Tagging clients now stamp with client-side time by default
Server: Unified chunk time boundary arithmetic to match Acquisition Client box
Tests: Makes tests system agnostic : now uses cmake & git internal commands