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OpenViBE v1.3.0 is available

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:24 am
by jtlindgren
OpenViBE release v1.3.0 is out!

You can find it here.

This release contains mainly bugfixes. Most OpenViBE engineering resources are allocated to the OpenViBE medical certificability project 'CertiViBE'. We expect to be able to release results for that in 2017.

In the 1.3.0 release we'd like to highlight the NeuroServo HUD driver, as well as a fix to the Emotiv driver allowing it to work with the version 3.3.3 of the Emotiv SDK. Note that to use older Emotiv driver series on Windows, you need to download a previous version of the acquisition server (see the drivers page), or recompile OpenViBE yourself. The new OpenViBE also has a Multiclass Regularized CSP bundled, as well as a set of simplified Mind Shooter scenarios.

Community contributions to this version came from

NeuroServo Inc. and NeuroTechX
Anton Andreev / GIPSA-lab
Yann Renard

We also thank Floesche, Nathalie G. & the people on the forum for bug reports!

OpenViBE V1.3.0 Windows installer has been made on a new build machine. If you notice any unusual behaviour or missing components/plugins/drivers, please report.

For the full list of changes, please see the next message.


Re: OpenViBE v1.3.0 is available

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:24 am
by jtlindgren
Full list of changes

Drivers: Added NeuroServo HID driver
Drivers: Improvements to gusbamp-gipsa, mostly for multiple gusbamp combinations
- Channel names can now be specified in multiamp case
- Chooses the last amp by default if the user doesn't choose
- If multiple amps are connected, assumes we want to simultaneously record from all of them
- Should now remember the master amp across runs correctly
- Fixed 'Show Device Name' not always working in gusbamp-gipsa
- Improved gusbamp-gipsa multiamp identification
- Tweaked gusbamp gipsa log levels + added a warning
- Fixed the impedance checking to work with multiple amps
- All channels are now correct with both the event channel disabled or enabled.
Drivers: Emotiv driver support for SDK 3.3.3
- Updated the web documentation
Drivers: Fixes channel scale in the OpenBCI driver
Plugins: Added PCA & Whiten support to the FastICA box
Plugins: BrainAmp FileWriter now always creates the marker header
Plugins: Changed GDF File Writer to use ITimeArithmetics
Plugins: Fix BrainAmp File Writer not always creating a header
Plugins: GDF File Reader box fix for some BCI Competition IV files
Plugins: Minor code cleanup & log tweaks
Plugins: Refactored Regularized CSP Trainer box code
Plugins: Regularized CSP Trainer now supports multiclass
Plugins: Fixed Acquisition Client crash when requiring update from 0.18
Plugins: The FFT plots no longer draw junk during the first frames
Plugins: Fixed inappropriate deallocation in LSL Export box
Plugins: Made Analog VRPN box declare 0 channels before header is received
Demos: Minor cleanup to the P300 scenarios and scripts
Demos: Simplified Multiclass Mind Shooter
- Mind Shooter now uses multiclass CSP and a multiclass classifier
- Scenario pipelines modified and simplified accordingly
- Corrected channel->control mapping
- TCP Tagging is now used to pass stims from the Shooter to the AS
- Added Epoching Delay option to avoid ERP effects
- Fixed the performance evaluation .lua script
- Fixed the feedback computation in the ships' parts
- All config files and logs will now be created under the scenario dir
- Disabled the feedback by default as its not very intuitive
- Previous 'Advanced Control' is now called 'Analog Control'
- Refactored the code to clarify analog and discrete controls
- The choice between the two can be done in the online scenario
- Removed unnecessary parts from the scenarios
- Made the shooter loglevel controllable and default to 'Information'
- VSync and Full Screen selection are now reflected in the ogre.conf
- Removed such .lua scripts which were no longer needed
- Tweaked the performance evaluation scenario & lua to match the new pipeline
- More safety checks to SSVEP Mind Shooter
- Changed SSVEP Mind Shooter to use class probabilities
- Cleaned up junk from the SSVEP acquisition test scenarios
- Added some comments
- Updated the web documentation
Demos: Original Mind Shooter scenarios are available as 'classic version'
Build: cmake now avoids printing the same things many times
Build: Added some comments
Build: Fixed compilation on Arch Linux
Build: Fixed some case issues in cmake scripts
Build: Renamed Mind Shooter source files to avoid confusion
- Changed Mind Shooter sources to refer to the new filenames
Build: Changed Mind Shooter to its own namespace for clarity
Applications: Acquisition Server no longer loads unnecessary dlls
Designer: Skip initialization of 3D context when visualization is disabled
Documentation: Fixed the Lua Stimulator box doc
Test: Update cmake script to use --invisible designer option instead of --no-gui
Test: Update tests to use --invisible designer option instead of --no-gui
Scenarios: Fixed incorrect type ids in some test scenarios
Scenarios: Added stimulation output to ov2csv conversion scenario
Everything: Refactored StimulusSender to a new 'tcptagging' module