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OpenViBE v 1.2.0 is available (+ v1.2.1 + v1.2.2)

Posted: Fri May 20, 2016 4:24 pm
by nfoy
The OpenViBE development team is happy to announce the release of v1.2.0.

You can find it here.


OpenViBE 1.2.0 comes with many improvements of the general quality of the code base. New tests have been added to extend the code coverage and assess sensitive parts of the project such as timing.
Two new drivers have been integrated: gUSBAmp Linux and gtec gNautilus drivers. This version now allows the compilation with VS2013 and supports the last versions of Ogre (1.9) and CEGUI (0.8.4).
The classifier processor can reload its parameters online, allowing incremental learning. At last, a new software tagging facility based on TCP allows to mark events in the signals more accurately.
P300 speller examples now rely on this functionality to send tags and process P300 Event-Related Potentials.

This version was brought to you by

- Jussi T. Lindgren
- Nathanaƫl Foy

and contributions from

- g.tec medical engineering GmbH
- Tom Steward / University of Tsukuba
- Jeff B.
- Steffen Heimes / eemagine
- Guillaume Serriere

When upgrading from a previous version

- At least Graz Visualization, Classifier Trainer and Classifier Processor boxes need to be updated in your scenarios.

Known issues

- On Ubuntu 12.04, Ogre and boost chrono packages cannot be installed together. If boost chrono is missing when compiling, 'classic' OpenViBE timing routines are used.
- (edit 30.may.2016) some Windows users have experienced a 'vcomp120.dll not found' error. For a quick fix, please see viewtopic.php?f=10&t=9646

For a more detailed list of changes, please see the following message. For the TOTAL list of changes, please refer to the git log.

On behalf of the OpenViBE development team,
Nathanaƫl Foy, Engineer
Engineer @ ADT OpenViBE-X
Inria / France

Re: OpenViBE v 1.2.0 is available

Posted: Fri May 20, 2016 4:43 pm
by nfoy
Release Notes / ChangeLog version 1.2.0

Tests: Added Shrinkage LDA tests to the build automation
Demos: Updated the Motor Imagery scenarios to use TCP Tagging
Build: Addressed Ogre/CEGUI Find problems on Fedora 21
Plugins: Fixed problem of xval setting placement in Classifier Trainer
Applications: Designer now warns if scenarios have unknown box algorithms
Drivers: Added gtec gNautilus driver
Applications: Designer will now inform of special box states on load
Drivers: Added gUSBAmp (BCI-Lab) driver for Linux
Drivers: Impendance check support for the EEGO driver
Everything: Support for Ogre 1.9.0 and CEGUI 0.8.4
Plugins: Fixed coefficient parsing check in Spatial Filter box
Build: Fixed issue with heavy OpenMP/Eigen CPU loads
Build: VS2013 compatibility
Plugins: Various enhancements to the FastICA box
Demos: Changed basic P300 to use the TCP Tagging
Plugins: Added a simple Outlier Removal box
Toolkit: Scenario exporters will now include the openvibe version
Application: Designer will now show version info in the title bar
Plugins: Dropped support for the old LDA classifiers, please retrain
Plugins: Fixes for 0,...,k-1 indexing to classifiers
Examples: How to do elementary incremental learning
Plugins: Classifier Processor can now reload the model on receiving a stimulation
Plugins: Fixed probability output of the SVM classifier
Plugins: Added a new and reliable software tagging facility: TCP tagging
Drivers: Fixed a drift bug in gusbamp gipsa driver
Applications: Changed Win clock granularity to 1ms in AS and Designer
Examples: VRPN examples now print out the used device names

Re: OpenViBE v 1.2.0 is available

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:21 pm
by jtlindgren
Version 1.2.0-1 fixes an issue in the Windows installer that caused 'vcomp120.dll not found' error when starting Designer. Otherwise the 1.2.0-1 should be identical to 1.2.0.

Re: OpenViBE v1.2.1 is available

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:53 am
by jtlindgren
OpenViBE 1.2.1 is a quick bugfix release addressing the following issues in 1.2.0,

Plugins: Fixed issue with stimulation params of the Matlab box
Plugins: Fixed an issue with multiple simultaneous Matlab boxes
Plugins: Fixed Lua and Python plugins not handling *_Number_* stimuli
Demos: Fixed wrong placement of the xval param in the classifier trainer boxes
Demos: Fixed incorrect train triggers in the P300 demos
Build: Fixed a bug in Windows installer nsi script ('vcomp120.dll not found' issue)

If you're not using Matlab box or the tutorial/demo scenarios, and 1.2.0 works ok for you, this update is not necessary.

OpenViBE v 1.2.2 is available

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:16 pm
by jtlindgren
OpenViBE 1.2.2 is an incremental bugfix release to 1.2.1.

You can find it here.

It has the following changes,

- Stabilization of the OpenBCI driver
- gUSBAmp and gMobilab are no longer mutually exclusive in Acquisition Server
- Fixed compilation on Ubuntu 16.04
- Fixed editing box parameter types in Designer
- Fixed issues with SSVEP and Handball demos
- Miscellaneous small fixes to examples, scenarios, boxes, etc

Big thanks for the OpenBCI driver improvement contributions are due to
- Jeremy Frey, for the original author of the driver
- Yann Renard, for the stabilized version of the driver
- Steve Castelloti @ Puzzlebox, for sponsoring the stabilized version of the driver
- Andrew J Keller @ Push The World and OpenBCI for support on communication protocol and OpenBCI use

Known issues with 1.2.2:

- The SSVEP demos seem to be difficult to control. We're investigating.
- On Ubuntu 12.04, Ogre and boost chrono packages cannot be installed together. If boost chrono is missing when compiling, 'classic' OpenViBE timing routines are used.

When upgrading from a previous version

- TCP Writer boxes will request to be updated if you have them in your custom scenarios

For a full list of changes, please see the git log.

On behalf of the dev team,