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New release of OpenViBE 0.17.0 available

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 10:48 am
by jtlindgren
The OpenViBE Team is pleased to announce a new release v0.17.0 of our software. It can be obtained from the downloads page.

If you're upgrading from 0.15 or earlier version, it is important to check the migration instructions here. When upgrading from 0.16.x, please see the upgrade notes in the following message.

Release Highlights
  • - New box messaging capabilities. Boxes can be designed to send instant messages to one another.
    - New plugins: Hilbert Transform, Connectivity Features with Single Trial Phase Locking Value algorithm, TCP Writer and Shrinkage LDA
    - New SSVEP game: Mind Shooter
    - Usability improvements: for example, automatic saving and loading of driver settings in the Acquisition Server
    - Scores of bugfixes all across the board, fixing issues of varying severity.
The full changelog can be seen in the following post.

On behalf of the OpenViBE development team,

Re: New release of OpenViBE 0.17.0 available

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 10:48 am
by jtlindgren
During the development from 0.16.2 to 0.17.0, OpenVIBE changed its repository from svn to git. We have tried to keep the side effects of this transition to the minimum.

Please find below the most significant changes. For full logs of all changes, refer to the git log.

Upgrading from v0.16.x
- Old custom configuration files are NO LONGER read from $HOME/.openvibe* on Linux or %USERPROFILE%/.openvibe* on Windows. These old locations were used by 0.15.0 and earlier. Since 0.16.0 version, the new locations of the configuration files are $HOME/.config/openvibe/ on Linux and %APPDATA%/openvibe/ on Windows. Running openvibe applications in 0.16.0 and later will read/write configuration from/to these new locations. If you wish to keep your configurations from the previous locations, you will have to move the files manually. In most cases the simplest thing to do to avoid issues is simply to delete the old configurations.
- Due to the new way of storing driver settings in the Acquisition Server, some old .conf tokens are no longer read by the server, and you may have to respecify such settings in the GUI (e.g. Emotiv EPOC SDK path).
- A few boxes have been moved to another category in the Designer box list.

Major features
- apps: Added ssvep-mind-shooter game
- kernel: Added box messaging capabilities. Boxes can be designed to send instant messages to one another.
- plugins: Added Hilbert Transform box
- plugins: Added Connectivity Features box
- plugins: Added Single-Trial Phase Locking Value algorithm
- plugins: Added TCP Writer box. Sends out signals & stimulations via TCP/IP.
- plugins: Added new classifier 'Shrinkage LDA'
- plugins: Added Conditioned Covariance algorithm

Minor features
- apps: Added some file format conversion examples and scripts
- server: Driver settings are now saved & loaded for many drivers
- designer: Added ability to 'mute' (bypass) boxes
- designer: Added a right-click menu option to view the box documentation
- designer: Browser to read documents is now launched to the background on Linux
- plugins: Added default stream choice option to Stream Switch
- server-drivers: Generic raw readers allow skipping data from the beginning

Bug fixes
- apps: Fixed various issues in Skeleton Generator
- build: Fixed build bug with Linuxes having Matlab
- build: Fixed building on Visual Studio 2008
- build: Fixed the alternative way to detect Matlab on Linux and added support for upper-case MATLAB folder (2013a default install does this, for example)
- contrib/server-drivers: Removed a wrong warning message in some cases. Code from Anton Andreev.
- contrib/server-drivers: Fixed memory leaks in the Fieldtrip driver. Code from Anton Andreev.
- contrib/plugins: Fixed missing channel names in Stream Synchro box
- designer: Fixed bugs leaving gtk canvas to a messy state occasionally
- designer: Fixed exit crash in no-gui mode
- designer: Fixed a crash when box initialization failed & fast forward pressed
- drivers: Generic raw readers will now skip the specified number of header bytes correctly
- everything: Fixed some memory leaks. Thanks to mhardin for report.
- plugins: Fixed Simple DSP parsing of redundant parentheses
- plugins: Fixed silent fail in Channel Selector
- plugins: Fixed BrainAmp reader bugs on float data
- plugins: Fixed issues with sampling rates and buffer sizes of 0
- plugins: Fixed issue in matlab plugin with spaces in working directory names
- plugins: Fixed Spectral Analysis with very short inputs
- plugins: Fixed a memory leak in Classifier Trainer
- plugins: Fixed path processing bug of the Matlab scripting box on Linux
- plugins: Fixed memory overwrite in the GDF writer
- plugins: Fixed issue with timeout box not creating a timeout if the upstream box failed already on initialize()
- plugins: Fixed Frequency Band Selector box having incorrect default arguments
- plugins: Fixed problems caused by lacking 'import sys' in Python box
- plugins: Added some sanity checks to the CSV file reader. Increased buffer size.
- plugins: Fixed stimulus handling in the Brainamp reader
- server: GUI spin buttons no longer require pressing Enter for a typed value to be accepted
- server: Fixed issue where connecting to the Emotiv driver in some cases destroyed PATH and subsequently failed.
- server-drivers: Added back the BrainProducts BrainAmpSeries driver & its missing UI file
- server-drivers: Added back the EGI AmpServer driver
- server-drivers: Added back the gTec gMobiLab+ Linux driver
- server-plugins: Settings in 'external stimulations' plugin are now loaded from the configuration manager

- build: Enabled building of tests
- build: Fixed some compilation issues on Linux
- build: Debug build on windows now links VRPN debug libs
- build: Removed obsolete linux-create_tag
- build: Added a find script for OGRE with Terrain module on
- common: Fixed bug #warning caused on MSVC (mantis #0000141)
- designer: replace all backslashes by forward slashes on windows in the paths obtained functionally
- designer: Added some clarifying debug outputs to when box inputs have unknown
- documentation: renamed several documentation files to follow the standard naming structure and be compatible with Plugin Inspector doc-skeleton generator
- drivers: Code cleanup to Gipsa's g.tec USBamp driver
- everything: Changed some of the hard-coded conversions between seconds and 32:32 fixed point to use the ITimeArithmetics class.
- everything: Fixed lots of typographic errors. Thanks to ozan.caglayan for pointing them out.
- modules: Added a function to get the parent path of a path to FS
- plugins: Changed some plugin categorizations in Designer
- plugins: Added reporting of version numbers to Python scripting box
- plugins: Fixed some compilation warnings on gcc
- plugins: Moved libSVM code to contrib/ and added a copyright notice
- plugins: Added some error messages to situations where SimpleDSP init fails
- plugins: Minor tweak to the error Matlab box printing on Windows
- plugins: Meaning of Matlab location is now the same on all platforms
- plugins: Deprecated the Matlab filter box.
- plugins: Deprecated Envelope box. Please use the Hilbert Transform box instead.
- plugins: Changed Classifier Trainer to use more common terminology in its accuracy reporting.
- server: Deprecated conf. tokens are no longer used
- server: Renamed 'interframe skip' for 'footer skip' in Generic Raw Reader.
- tests: Added test for AR features
- tests: Added time arithmetics test to CI
- types: Deprecated 'OV_TypeId_ExperimentationInfo'. Use 'OV_TypeId_ExperimentInfo'.

Known issues
- If matlab plugin .so is built and loaded on Linux, Simple DSP box may crash with scenario playback restart. For this reason, Matlab plugin is not built by default.
- Some Brain Products and BrainMaster drivers do not yet save/load their settings in the Acquisition Server

Re: New release of OpenViBE 0.17.0 available

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:29 am
by jtlindgren
Bugfix release v0.17.1 is out and available from the download page. This patch version has the following changes:

- External application launcher was not working if the install path contained spaces, preventing some stimulators (such as SSVEP) from running. Fixed.
- Fixed bugs in Brain Products ActiChamp driver. Patch contributed by Mensia Technologies. (some issues may still remain, see viewtopic.php?f=10&t=9214&p=13584#p13584 )

For the ActiCHamp you will have to also follow this simple procedure:
  • Go into openvibe installation folder (default should be something like C:/Program Files (x86)/openvibe)
  • Go into the folder bin
  • Copy the file ActiChamp.bit
  • Go back one folder level up (into the root installation folder)
  • Paste the file