Building some of your projects along to OpenViBE

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Building some of your projects along to OpenViBE

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Dear developers,

we have received multiple requests of people wanting to compile there code along to OpenViBE without the need/rights to create a branch but still having versioning support such as SVN or GIT.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a completely opened forge hosted by INRIA. So we have to let the users take care of creating their own forge / repository / whatever tool matches your needs best.


I just arranged the win32 and linux scripts to ease the build of your own applications and/or plugins along to OpenViBE. For this purpose, I have created a new "openvibe-externals" folder at the same level than openvibe, openvibe-modules, openvibe-toolkits etc. This "openvibe-externals" folder will always be empty when you first check out the OpenViBE sources. Then you will have to check out the other projects you are working on under that directory, taking care of a respecting the OpenViBE source tree.

All of this is explained in the README file under "openvibe-externals".

I hope this makes your work not for but based on OpenViBE easier.

Your comments are most welcome.
Kindest regards,