What do you do with OpenViBE ?

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What do you do with OpenViBE ?

Post by lbonnet »

Hello everyone !

We are now collecting your OpenViBE best-practices !!

If you want to show to the BCI community the results of your work, we will soon create the "Made with OpenViBE" section on the website, in which we will add articles, videos, snapshots of OpenViBE users' applications .. and all links that you will provide us.

Made With OpenViBE :

The OpenViBE software was first released 8 months ago, and the community is growing nicely since then.
We would like to thank all our users, contributors and partners for their work on/with OpenViBE !

We are interested in your feedback.
Are you a researcher, working in a neuroscience lab ? A student working on a BCI project ? Or a self-taught application developer ?
Do you create OpenViBE scenarios, implement new algorithms or boxes, or develop new BCI applications using OpenViBE ?

Feel free to post a short presentation on this topic. It is vey appreciated ... and it will be published on our website!

Best Regards,

- The OpenViBE Team
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Re: What do you do with OpenViBE ?

Post by nbaron »


I am a French student in computer science and electronics. For my final year I tried to gather my studies in VR with my passion for BCI... So I am working on a BCI device usable in a virtual reality environment.
I started my work on October by collecting informations (papers, schemes, FLOSS projects...) to help me in my task.
The hardware part relies on modEEG and monolithEEG. The current device consists in a modification of the components and characteristics of monolithEEG.
The software part will rely on OpenVibe of course :wink:

That's all.

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Re: What do you do with OpenViBE ?

Post by mrogers »

I assist in the marketing of products utilizing OpenVibe technology here in Australia.

I'd like to share some examples of works created. I notice you mention a "Made with OpenViB" part of the website. Where could I locate this to share the works?

Internet Marketing Department
Brain-Computers Australia Corp.

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Re: What do you do with OpenViBE ?

Post by yrenard »

Dear mrogers,

thank you for your message and welcome on this forum. Could you please give us more details of what kind of marketing you are doing in Australia based on OpenViBE ?

As regarding the submission of your "made with" contribution, just post it here or alternatively send us a private message / email. We will do the necessary to make this contribution visible !