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PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:19 pm 
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New release of OpenViBE 0.4.0 is now available for download at :

=== Overview =========================================

OpenViBE is an opensource platform that enables to design, test and use Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI). Broadly speaking, OpenViBE can be used in many real-time Neuroscience applications.

The OpenViBE platform stands out for its high modularity. It addresses the needs of different types of users (programmers and non-programmers) and proposes a user-friendly graphical language which allows non-programmers to design a BCI without writing a single line of code.

OpenViBE is portable, independent of hardware or software targets, can run under Windows and Linux and is entirely based on free and open-source software. OpenViBE is compatible with MATLAB programming.

OpenViBE comes with preconfigured scenarios and runs already existing applications such as :
* BCI based on motor imagery
* P300 speller
* Neurofeedback
* Real-time visualization of brain activity in 2D or 3D

OpenViBE is available under the terms of the LGPL-v2+. The whole software is developed in C++. It consists of a set of software modules that can be integrated easily and efficiently to design BCI applications such as for Virtual Reality interaction.

=== Where to get more information ====================

If you want more details, check these links :


Quick introduction video :

Software download :

One-hour training session video :

Screenshots and videos :

=== What changed since 0.4.0 RC4 ? ===================

In this new release, you will find the following modifiactions (+ for adds, * for modifications, - for removes) :

+ Mr. Christoph Veigl contributed and added a new driver for OpenEEG Modular EEG / Monolith EEG
+ We added a new driver : g.Tec's gUSBamp acquisition device
+ We added a new P300-based entertaining application called "Magic Card" + We added tooltips for new users :)
+ We updated the sample scenarios
* We propose a stabilized P300-based pipeline
* We made the development of new classifiers easier thanks to base algorithms
* We updated the dependencies installation script for linux so that it uses native packages instead of compiling everything from scratch
* We updated the dependencies installation for windows so that DirectX and Visual C++ Runtime gets installed automatically if needed
* We updated the online documentation and tutorials
* We fixed lots of bugs !
- The VR demo are no more built by default as OpenMASK is not compiling on recent Linux distributions

+ We added several tooltips for new users :)
+ We added a k-fold test in the classifier trainer box
+ We added a functionnality to load/save channel names in the acquisition server
+ We enabled the voting classifier box to vote either on streamed matrix or on stimulations
+ We added a frequency band selector box
+ We added a signal decimation box
+ We added a CSV file writer box (text based)
* We changed the way chanels can be selected in the signal display, power spectrum display and time frequency map display
* We reimplemented the common average reference box

=== What's coming in the next release ================

Here is a snapshot of what we are currently doing and what you can expect from the next release :

+ A BrainProducts V-Amp acquisition driver
+ A Neuroscan acquisition driver
+ A MitsarEEG driver
+ Online comparison of different processing pipelines performance (e.g. multiple classifiers)
+ More documentation on the sample scenarios
* GUI definition will move from glade to gtk-builder
* VR demos will move from OpenMASK to native Ogre3D

=== Closing words ====================================

We want to thank Christoph Veigl for his quick and efficient contribution. Feel free to join us and to contribute as Christoph and others are doing... !

Also, starting from release 0.4.0, we decided that OpenViBE would be released every three months. You can expect a 0.5.0 release around christmas, 0.6.0 release by the end of march etc...

Looking forward to hearing your feedback, we hope you'll enjoy working with OpenViBE as we do.

Best regards,
The OpenViBE consortium

Contact :
Project Leader : Anatole Lécuyer, INRIA (anatole dot lecuyer at irisa dot fr)
Lead Software Engineer : Yann Renard, INRIA (yann dot renard at irisa dot fr)

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:38 pm 
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Some of you have been using OpenViBE for several months now. Additionally, you may have developed new features for it... At this point, we would be interested in collecting a few information about your OpenViBE usage, your needs, your potential problems, and your potential contributions.

Could you please take a few minutes to answer this short questionnaire and send it back to yann dot renard at irisa dot fr ?

Please, feel free to skip questions and focus on your most important feedback...
Thank you very much for your time, this will help us a lot in pushing the development roadmap in the 'good' direction.

==== General information =============================

1- What kind of user are you ? (driver developer, box developer, author, operator...)

2- How long have you been using OpenViBE until now ?

3- What is your current usage of OpenViBE ?

4- What could be your future usage of OpenViBE ?

5- What OS are you running OpenViBE on ?

6- What acquisition hardware are you using OpenViBE with ?

==== About your usage ================================

7- Did you have difficulties installing OpenViBE ?

8- Did you have difficulties using your acquisition hardware with OpenViBE ?

9- Did you have difficulties using the sample scenarios ?

10- Did you have difficulties using the online documentation ?

11- Did you have any other difficulty using OpenViBE ?

==== About your developments =========================

12- What is your C++ level ?

13- Did you have difficulties compiling OpenViBE ?

14- Did you develop new acquisition driver(s) (which one(s) ?) ?

15- Did you develop new algorithm(s) (which one(s) ?) ?

16- Did you develop new box algorithm(s) (which one(s) ?) ?

17- Did you have difficulties in your developments ?

18- Do you plan to submit your developments for inclusion in the next releases ?

==== About community tools ===========================

19- Are you using the forum ?

20- Are you using the IRC channel ?

21- Are you using the mailing lists ?

22- Are you using the bug tracker ?

23- Would you need other community tools ?

==== Closing words ===================================

24- What are your global impressions about the platform ?

25- Do you lack some functionalities ?

26- If you had to request a single new functionality, what would it be?

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