New release of OpenViBE 0.14.0 available

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New release of OpenViBE 0.14.0 available

Post by jlegeny »

The OpenViBE development team is happy to announce the release of OpenViBE 0.14.0 "Late Spring Edition", available for download at :

This release brings several new features, including two community contributions :

- Aurélien Van Langhenhove and Laurent George have written a box which enables Python scripting.
- Amélie Serpollet has written a driver communicating with Fieldtrip server
- Anton Andreev from Gipsa-lab has added a possibility to use the USBamp’s event channel in the acquisition driver.
- Gipsa lab has contributed a driver working with the Mitsar EEG device

- The matlab box was re-written and now supports any number of inputs and outputs of any type.

Boost on Linux was updated to 1.49, there is an added dependency to pthreads on Windows.

Many thanks to all of our contributors! If you are interested in joining the effort feel free to contact us!

Contact : Project Leader : Anatole Lécuyer, INRIA ( Lead Software Engineer : Laurent Bonnet, INRIA (

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For more information visit our website :

The whole team wishes you a nice summer!

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Re: New release of OpenViBE 0.14.0 available

Post by jlegeny »

Full changelog:

* ovsgCBoxAlgorithmSkeletonGenerator.cpp : fixed a crash when adding several times the same codec (mantis #0000107)

* acquisition-server/interface-Emotiv-EPOC.ui : added a spinbutton for the headset user ID
* ovasCConfigurationEmotivEPOC : added a reference to store the headset user ID for the driver
* ovasCDriverEmotivEPOC.cpp : added the user ID reference to the config call. This patch allows use of multiple headsets on the same computer. (forum : viewtopic.php?f=5&t=565)
+ added a patch made by Anton Andreev to enable the driver to handle the triggers from the device
* interface.ui : added a combobox to select the NaN replacement policy
* ovasCAcquisitionServer : Added the NaN value replacement mechanism (mantis #81). User can choose to replace NaN values by the last correct value (default behavior) or zeros - or disable it.
* ovasCAcquisitionServerGUI : added NaN replacement mechanism. The Preferences are now saved into the application local configuration file (Drift and NaN mechanisms, oversampling factor, etc.)
* ovasCAcquisitionServer : replaced the NaN detection routine with _isnan and added infinite value detection with !_finite
* ovasCAcquisitionServer : bugfix for Linux compatibility.
* ovasCAcquisitionServer : fixed a compilation warning with gcc (order of initialisation for the class members.
* fixed a bug with encoding in the TMSi driver
- reverted to revision 3240, removing the uncomplete patch to add the event channel to gtec driver
+ merged branch wip-jlegeny-mitsar -r3253:3254 into trunk resulting in following changes:
+ added files for the Mitsar driver made in Gipsa-lab
+ added a closed DLL which we have rights to distribute (approved by Mitsar company)
* merged branch wip-jlegeny-gtec-event-channel -r3256:3261 into trunk resulting in following changes:
+ added the first code to support gTec USBamp event channel
+ added code by Anton Andreev to enable the additional Event Channel for the gTec USBamp device
* added the actual constant for number of channels
* bugfix from Anton Andreev, fixed configuration
* merged branch wip-jlegeny-fieldtrip -r3259:3284 into trunk resulting in following changes:

This driver was developed as a joint effort of CEA and Gipsa-lab. The code of third-party fieldtrip buffer is licensed under the BSD license according to the COPYING file included in the project at : ... er/COPYING

+ added files for the fieldtrip driver and modified the cmake file
- removed unnecessary logging from the fieldtrip driver
* fixed some warnings in the acquisition server
* changed the license included in the file extern.c according to the COPYING file superseding it at ... er/COPYING the license of the fieldtrip buffer chosen is BSD, compatible with the OpenViBE LGPLv2 license

* the unstable boxes are read everytime
+ added a checkbox to show/hide unstable boxes
+ the searchbox now searches in descriptions as well
* patched the designer to not crash when opening non-existing files
* fixed a potential bug
* fixed the empty list of boxes when loading an inexisting scenario

* fixed building of codecs with GCC4.7

* fixed building of the kernel with GCC4.7

+ add dependancies to libXaw-devel in Fedora; disable CEGUI samples
* fix log write permission on fedora install with su- c 'yum..'
+ add tee to view password prompt in fedora su -c .... command
+ Add end message when finish. Needed for automatic build end detection
- delete make OpenViBE-documentation in build loop to fix "rule not found" in all modules exept doc
+ linux-install_dependencies : added libncurses5-dev for ubuntu 12.04
* bumped up the version of boost library to 1.49
+ added a dependency to pthreads on windows
* win32-generate-vc-proj.cmd : fixed the old "recall" tweak to a proper solution. Fixed the script to generate VS2010 projects.
- removed the dependency to pthreads in windows, moving to the community forge
* added a dependency of python-devel on Fedora in order to compile the Python box by default
* force OpenViBE-documentation as default rule in compilation
+ added python-dev dependency on ubuntu linux
+ re-added the phtreads dependency
* fixed the skeleton to take this dependency into account

* openvibe.conf : added default value for token AcquisitionServer_NaNReplacementPolicy.
* fixed building of the kernel with GCC4.7

+ added a tutorial for Sign Change Detector Box
+ added a tutorial for Cue Image Display Box
+ box-tutorials/matlab : added 3 new tutorials for the matlab scripting box (matlab functions and scenarios)
+ added scenarios for python box

* ovpCBoxAlgorithmMatlabFilter : moved the source code to the src root, as it's not in the "tool" category anymore.
+ ovpCBoxAlgorithmMatlabScripting : a general purpose box (support IO/settings types).
+ ovpCMatlabHelper : matlab helper class for the matlab scripting box. Does the interface between OV and Matlab Engine.
* change by Joan Fruitet - added warning for stimulations arriving too late
* consider stimulations arriving at the end time of a chunk
+ doc/Doc_BoxAlgorithm_MatlabScripting.dox-part : Matlab Scripting box documentation page.
* ovpCBoxAlgorithmMatlabScripting.cpp : fixed a bug when a fail opening of the matlab engine sometimes returned a non-null value as handler. Testing it at uninitialize could then produce a crash.
* ovpCBoxAlgorithmMatlabFilter.h : moved this box in the "Scripting" category
* ovpCBoxAlgorithmMatlabScripting.h : moved this box in the "Scripting" category

* fixed wrong sample rate
* fixed crash after multiple loading of boxes with numpy/scipy dependencies
* fixed the un-clean unloading when initialization failed
* applied patches to move objects out of the main dictionnary
* fixed a bug with (de)initialization
+ added Laurent George to the list of contributors
* modified the box name
* ovpCBoxAlgorithmPython.h : moved this box in the "Scripting" category
* merged branch wip-python -r3196:3217 into trunk

* ovpCBoxAlgorithmLuaStimulator.h: moved this box in the "Scripting" category
* Doc_BoxAlgorithm_SoundPlayer.dox-part : minor fix
* ovpCBoxAlgorithmOpenALSoundPlayer.cpp : fixed an issue with stimulation output not sending empty sets, resulting in unusable stream afterward.
+ added a box detecting the sign of an input. Original box by Joan Fruitet
* fixed a compilation bug on windows in Sign Change Detector
+ added a log message when an undefined key is pressed
* ovpCBoxAlgorithmStimulationMultiplexer.h : added short and detailed description
* ovpCBoxAlgorithmLuaStimulator.h: moved this box in the "Scripting" category

* electrode_set_standard_cartesian.txt : added AF3;AF4;FC5;FC6 for Emotiv EPOC compatibility
* fixed (bug #0000104) a bug with 0 length strings in gdfFileWriter (thanks to Anton Andreev)
* ovpCBoxAlgorithmSignalConcatenation.cpp : bugfix patch from Dieter Devlaminck. While waiting for all the stream headers, some chunks were lost (see forum post viewtopic.php?f=10&t=411&p=3607#p3607)

*added patch from Joan Fruitet to fix stimulation dates to fit the actual visual stimulation
* set the Display Cue Image Box as stable
* ovpCBoxAlgorithmP300MagicCardVisualisation : changed 6th box setting name from "card filename" to "default background filename". Default value is openvibe logo (offscreen version). If this setting is empty, then the background image for a card is automatically "cardname-offscreen".
* doc/Doc_BoxAlgorithm_P300MagicCardVisualisation.dox-part : updated the documentation page to explain this behavior.

* ovpCBoxAlgorithmPython.h : changed default clock frequency from 60 to 64

* ovp_defines.h : added an identifier for a new input parameter for the SBE Algorithm.
* ovpCAlgorithmStimulationBasedEpoching : added an input parameter so the algorithm know the last chunk end time to process
* ovpCBoxAlgorithmStimulationBasedEpoching : bugfix for negative offset values (see bugtracker #082)
+ add first version of signal enveloppe box using Hilbert Transform. It depends on itpp::fft and itpp::ifft

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Re: New release of OpenViBE 0.14.0 available

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============= 0.14.1 bugfix =============

Full changelog:

* ovp_main.cpp : fail safe when finding a corrupted Python installation
* ovpCBoxAlgorithmPython.cpp, : coding rule = using camel-style for the python code

+ adding the missing Toolbox
* ovpCBoxAlgorithmMatlabScripting.cpp : temporary fix : a delete is causing crash only with the windows installer version. Further investigation are wip.

* matlab tutorials : updated the box config so they use the default openvibe installation directory.
* python scripts : updated to match the coding rules (camel style)
* matlab/tuto3_sinus_generator_Uninitialize.m : removed useless print.
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Re: New release of OpenViBE 0.14.0 available

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============= 0.14.2 bugfix =============

+ missing drivers (g.Tec g.USBAmp, Neurosky Mindset) in the windows installer
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