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by James__D_
Sun Sep 21, 2014 8:31 am
Forum: Help for building the software
Topic: Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)
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Re: Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)

Hi, I have tried compiling openvibe on a raspberry pi (raspbian) without success. This is with a new install of Rasbian. Errors are post below. Has anyone who has managed to do this come across similar problems? Any advice? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks, James Errors: when i run ./linux...
by James__D_
Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:29 pm
Forum: Discussion about BCI and related topics
Topic: EEG hardware possibilities for research
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Re: EEG hardware possibilities for research


With regards to the Olimex SMT openEEG.
I'm considering ordering one of these.
Has anyone here had experience using this device and can a; verify that it works and b; suggest some good software which will work with it for neurofeedback.