Welcome to the Doxygen Documentation for OpenViBE 3.1.0.

This document has been automatically generated on Linux. Please note

  • The documentation lacks components and classes that are not compiled on Linux.
  • Some source files do not have doxygen information and may not be represented here.
  • Plugins such as boxes and drivers are not included in the class lists to better illustrate the core part of OpenViBE. However, you can see the boxes on the Box Descriptions page.

The tutorials and user manual, as well as build instructions for OpenViBE are located on the website : http://openvibe.inria.fr/documentation-index

Box Descriptions

This section contains the description of all of the Boxes available in the OpenViBE Designer.

Details on EBML

OpenViBE uses EBML as a container for all data streams. If you would like to extend the formats of data OpenViBE can handle you might want to document yourself on EBML usage.

  • Doc_WhatIsEBML
  • Doc_ParsingEBMLStreams
  • Doc_FormatingEBMLStreams

Ongoing Documentation

  • Doc_SoftwareArchitectureOverview (incomplete)