CSpaceshipBCI Class Reference

Ogre application for the application "Use-The-Force". More...

Inheritance diagram for CSpaceshipBCI:

Public Member Functions

 CSpaceshipBCI (std::string s_localization="eng")
- Public Member Functions inherited from COgreVRApplication
 COgreVRApplication (const char *sResourceRoot)
 Default constructor.
virtual ~COgreVRApplication ()
virtual void go (void)
 Launches the application (engine setup, initialization, rendering start).

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from COgreVRApplication
virtual bool setup (void)
 Main Ogre and custom setup steps. More...
virtual bool configure (void)
 Configuration management. More...
virtual void setupResources (void)
 Parsing of the resource configuration file.
bool frameStarted (const Ogre::FrameEvent &evt)
 Frame started callback.
bool frameEnded (const Ogre::FrameEvent &evt)
 Frame ended callback. More...
virtual bool initOIS (void)
 Initialize the OIS plugin. More...
bool mouseMoved (const OIS::MouseEvent &arg)
 Mouse moved callback, launched when the mouse is moved. More...
bool mousePressed (const OIS::MouseEvent &arg, OIS::MouseButtonID id)
 Mouse pressed callback, launched when a mouse button is pressed. More...
bool mouseReleased (const OIS::MouseEvent &arg, OIS::MouseButtonID id)
 Mouse released callback, launched when a mouse button is released. More...
bool keyPressed (const OIS::KeyEvent &evt)
 Key pressed callback, launched when a key is pressed. More...
bool keyReleased (const OIS::KeyEvent &evt)
 Key released callback, launched when a key is released. More...
virtual bool initCEGUI (const char *logFileName)
 Initialize the CEGUI plugin. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from COgreVRApplication
bool m_bContinue
 Tells if the rendering process should continue after the current frame.
Ogre::Root * m_poRoot
 Ogre root.
Ogre::SceneManager * m_poSceneManager
 The scene manager used.
Ogre::RenderWindow * m_poWindow
 The render window used.
Ogre::Camera * m_poCamera
 The camera used.
Ogre::SceneNode * m_poCameraNode
 The camera node.
Ogre::String m_sResourcePath
 Path to the file resource.cfg for Ogre.
OIS::InputManager * m_poInputManager
 The OIS input manager.
OIS::Mouse * m_poMouse
 The mouse.
OIS::Keyboard * m_poKeyboard
 The keyboard.
CEGUI::OgreRenderer * m_rGUIRenderer
 The CEGUI renderer.
CEGUI::WindowManager * m_poGUIWindowManager
 The CEGUI window manager.
CEGUI::Window * m_poSheet
 The default sheet.
 A VRPN peripheric, handles at most one Analog + one Button server.
double m_dClock
 Clock to impose a maximum frequency.

Detailed Description

Ogre application for the application "Use-The-Force".

Laurent Bonnet (INRIA/IRISA)

The SpaceshipBCI application is based on motor imagery of the feet. The 3D scene is a hangar, with few barrels stored. A spaceship is parked on the center of the screen. The subject has to move his feet to lift the spaceship. The feedback is computed according to the bounce of beta detected in the EEG, after the movement.

Each trial has 3 steps:

  • Rest: the subject has to stand still.
  • Move: the subject moves his feet.
  • NoMove: the subject stops. The subject scores if the spaceship is lifted in the NoMove phase.