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The main GUI code for the OpenViBE Tracker. More...

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class  GUITrack
 Holds the renderers for each stream of a Track, and the correspondig GTK table for the widgets. More...

Protected Member Functions

bool addTracksToMenu (void)

Detailed Description

The main GUI code for the OpenViBE Tracker.

J. T. Lindgren

This file handles most of the GTK related GUI of the Tracker, with the actual functions modifying the data trying to be as much as possible implemented in the non-GUI classes. Although the GUI is currently quite monolithic, the rendering of the different Stream types has been delegated to StreamRenderer* classes, which in turn use the Mensia Advanced Visualizations toolkit. Code from Designer is also used by making CMake include it.

Member Function Documentation

bool addTracksToMenu ( void  )

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