Python scripting


  • Plugin name : Python scripting
  • Version : 0.1
  • Author : Aurelien Van Langhenhove and Laurent George
  • Company : CICIT Garches, Inria
  • Short description : This box executes a python script.
  • Documentation template generation date : Dec 3 2018


This box can process data from and to OpenViBE using Python script. Available IO types are Streamed Matrix, Signal and Stimulations.

The user Python Script must define a new class that inherits from OVBox, and implements the initialize, process and uninitialize methods.

User script must end with : box = MyOVBox() where MyOVBox is the new class.

Please look at the documentation page for more details.


1. Clock frequency (Hz)

The box clock frequency. The Python process function is called at each tick.

  • Type identifier : Integer (0x007deef9, 0x2f3e95c6)
  • Default value : [ 64 ]

2. Script

The Python script file.

  • Type identifier : Script (0xb0d0db45, 0x49cbc34a)
  • Default value : [ ]


See this page for commented examples.