Electrode localisation file reader


  • Plugin name : Electrode localisation file reader
  • Version : 1.0
  • Author : Vincent Delannoy
  • Company : INRIA/IRISA
  • Short description : Loads files containing the normalized coordinates of an electrode set
  • Documentation template generation date : Dec 3 2018


This box loads files holding the normalized coordinates of an electrode set.


1. Channel localisation

The output channel localization information.

  • Type identifier : Channel localisation (0x013df452, 0xa3a8879a)


1. Filename

The normalized coordinates file.

  • Type identifier : Filename (0x330306dd, 0x74a95f98)
  • Default value : [ ]


A default electrode set should be included in your BRAND_NAME distribution. Look for it in the share/electrode_sets directory of the source tree of this plugin. It comes as a text file which is quite self explanatory, open it in a text editor to edit it. Electrode names are specified in the header section of the matrix, while actual coordinates are stored in the buffer section.


The coordinates loaded by this box are sent once only (static coordinates, e.g. EEG), as opposed to regularly (dynamic coordinates, e.g. MEG). The supported file format is the BRAND_NAME matrix file format. Electrode coordinates must be normalized cartesian coordinates in the following frame of reference : X right, Y front and Z up.