Streamed matrix multiplexer


  • Plugin name : Streamed matrix multiplexer
  • Version : 1.0
  • Author : Yann Renard
  • Company : INRIA/IRISA
  • Short description : Multiplexes streamed matrix buffers in a new stream
  • Documentation template generation date : Apr 11 2018


This box multiplexes streamed matrix stream on a low level basis (at the EBML stream level actually). This means the box sorts the different buffers received from its inputs and sends all of them on its output. For correct results, this supposes the inputs have "homogeneous content" in the sense that they should have e.g. the same number of channels, in the same order, the same number of samples per buffer etc...

This box is usually used after an epoching related split in the pipeline, when you want to process the signals in a similar manner for a similar purpose. This actually joins the pipelines in only one, dropping the need to edit and execute similar boxes.

Warning: this box is usually misused and used in place of a Signal Merger box. Please consider reading this documentation twice, and maybe read the Signal Merger documentation once again as well :)


You can add as many input as you want.

1. Input stream 1

The first input stream.

  • Type identifier : Streamed matrix (0x544a003e, 0x6dcba5f6)

2. Input stream 2

The second input stream.

  • Type identifier : Streamed matrix (0x544a003e, 0x6dcba5f6)


1. Multiplexed streamed matrix

The output stream takes the header of the first stream and then sends buffers of the different input streams in a sorted way.

  • Type identifier : Streamed matrix (0x544a003e, 0x6dcba5f6)