Frequency Band Selector


  • Plugin name : Frequency Band Selector
  • Version : 1.0
  • Author : Yann Renard
  • Company : INRIA
  • Short description : Preserves some spectrum coefficients and puts the others to zero depending on a list of frequencies / frequency bands to select
  • Documentation template generation date : Apr 11 2018


This box selects a subset of a spectrum matrix, turning all un selected frequency band to 0.


1. Input spectrum

The input spectrum to select from.

  • Type identifier : Spectrum (0x1f261c0a, 0x593bf6bd)


1. Output spectrum

The modified spectrum with unselected bands turned to 0

  • Type identifier : Spectrum (0x1f261c0a, 0x593bf6bd)


1. Frequencies to select

The range of frequencies you want to select.

  • Type identifier : String (0x79a9edeb, 0x245d83fc)
  • Default value : [ 8:12;16:24 ]


Suppose you have a full band spectrum and that you want to work on alpha band. You can use a Frequency Band Selector box to select this band for later processing with the following setting : "8:12". Now suppose you want to work on two bands, for instance Alpha and the 16-24Hz subset of Beta, you should use the following setting value : "8:12[SEMICOLON]16:24" with [SEMICOLON] replaced by the actual semicolon charater.