Mouse Tracking


  • Plugin name : Mouse Tracking
  • Version : 1
  • Author : Alison Cellard
  • Company : Inria
  • Short description : Track mouse position within the screen
  • Documentation template generation date : Dec 30 2016
  • WARNING : this box has been marked as UNSTABLE by the developer. It means that its implementation may be incomplete or that the box can only work under well known conditions. It may possibly crash or cause data loss. Use this box at your own risk, you've been warned.


Return absolute and relative to the previous one mouse position

Opens a gtk window and track mouse within that window.


1. Absolute coordinate

Output the raw coordinates of mouse position.

  • Type identifier : Signal (0x5ba36127, 0x195feae1)

2. Previous relative coordinate

Output relative coordinates to previous position of the mouse.

  • Type identifier : Signal (0x5ba36127, 0x195feae1)


1. Sampling Frequency

Sampling frequency.

  • Type identifier : Integer (0x007deef9, 0x2f3e95c6)
  • Default value : [ 16 ]

2. Generated epoch sample count

Generated epoch sample count. Set the size of chunk. 1 in most cases : there is only one position at each time.

  • Type identifier : Integer (0x007deef9, 0x2f3e95c6)
  • Default value : [ 1 ]