Kappa coefficient


  • Plugin name : Kappa coefficient
  • Version : 0.1
  • Author : Serrière Guillaume
  • Company : Inria
  • Short description : Compute the kappa coefficient for the classifier.
  • Documentation template generation date : Dec 30 2016
  • WARNING : this box has been marked as UNSTABLE by the developer. It means that its implementation may be incomplete or that the box can only work under well known conditions. It may possibly crash or cause data loss. Use this box at your own risk, you've been warned.


The box computes kappa coefficient for a classifier.

This box computes the Cohen kappa coefficient that allows to compare the accordance of two classifiers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cohen%27s_kappa), The box compares the results of the classifier (second input) to the 100% match classifier (first input).

The result is streamed on the first output, and is displayed in real time in a standalone visualization.


1. Expected stimulations

The first input receives the expected stimulation.

  • Type identifier : Stimulations (0x6f752dd0, 0x082a321e)

2. Found stimulations

This input receives the stimualtions found by the classifier.

  • Type identifier : Stimulations (0x6f752dd0, 0x082a321e)


1. Confusion Matrix

This output contains the current value of the Kappa coefficient.

  • Type identifier : Streamed matrix (0x544a003e, 0x6dcba5f6)


Each setting except the first one corresponds to the stimulation code of a class. A stimulation must be unique.

1. Number of classes

This setting indicates the amount of classes handled by the box. This setting will change the amount of setting.

  • Type identifier : Integer (0x007deef9, 0x2f3e95c6)
  • Default value : [ 2 ]

2. Stimulation of class 1

This setting indicates the stimulation corresponding to the first class.

  • Type identifier : Stimulation (0x2c132d6e, 0x44ab0d97)
  • Default value : [ OVTK_StimulationId_Label_01 ]

3. Stimulation of class 2

This setting indicates the stimulation corresponding to the second class.

  • Type identifier : Stimulation (0x2c132d6e, 0x44ab0d97)
  • Default value : [ OVTK_StimulationId_Label_02 ]

Online visualisation settings



All stimulations can be send to the box. They will be filtered.