Brainamp file reader


  • Plugin name : Brainamp file reader
  • Version : 1.1
  • Author : Yann Renard
  • Company : INRIA/IRISA
  • Short description : Reads input having the BrainAmp file format
  • Documentation template generation date : Dec 30 2016


Loads experiment information, signal and stimulations data from Brainamp files.


1. Experiment information

This stream contains information about the experiment and subject.

  • Type identifier : Experiment information (0x403488e7, 0x565d70b6)

2. EEG stream

Contains the signal information for the different channels (read from the GDF file).

  • Type identifier : Signal (0x5ba36127, 0x195feae1)

3. Stimulations

Contains information about the stimulations that occurred during the experiment.

  • Type identifier : Stimulations (0x6f752dd0, 0x082a321e)


1. Filename (header)

This setting contains the name of the brainamp header file. The other files are deduced from the header content (signal content and markers).

  • Type identifier : Filename (0x330306dd, 0x74a95f98)
  • Default value : [ ]

2. Epoch size (in sec)

This setting sets the size of epochs to be generated by this box, in seconds.

  • Type identifier : Float (0x512a166f, 0x5c3ef83f)
  • Default value : [ 0.0625 ]

3. Convert stimuli to OpenViBE labels

Should stimuli in the file to be converted to OpenViBE stimuli? For legacy reasons, the default is true. With false, the stimuli will be delivered without any conversion.

  • Type identifier : Boolean (0x2cdb2f0b, 0x12f231ea)
  • Default value : [ true ]



Experiment information is stored in a header file which the user needs to specify when setting up the box. When started, the box then works up the names of two additional files : a data file and a marker file. Signal data is retrieved from the data file, stimulations from the marker file.

The stimulation makers are transformed in §OpenViBE§ format with the OVTK_StimulationId_Label base. See the Doc_Stimulations page for more details about §OpenViBE§ stimulations.