BCI2000 File Reader


  • Plugin name : BCI2000 File Reader
  • Version : 1.3
  • Author : Olivier Rochel
  • Company : INRIA
  • Short description : Reads BCI2000 .dat files.
  • Documentation template generation date : Dec 30 2016
  • WARNING : this box has been marked as UNSTABLE by the developer. It means that its implementation may be incomplete or that the box can only work under well known conditions. It may possibly crash or cause data loss. Use this box at your own risk, you've been warned.


The box reads EEG/States signals from a BCI2000 file (.dat)

Loads signals from BCI2000 .dat files.


1. Signal

The signals for the different channels. If the file header contains channel names, they are used in the stream, otherwise "channel #" is used.

  • Type identifier : Signal (0x5ba36127, 0x195feae1)

2. State

The different state variables.

  • Type identifier : Signal (0x5ba36127, 0x195feae1)


1. File name

The file name should be a BCI2000 .dat file.

  • Type identifier : Filename (0x330306dd, 0x74a95f98)
  • Default value : [ ]

2. Samples per buffer

The number of sample per block sent by the box.

  • Type identifier : Integer (0x007deef9, 0x2f3e95c6)
  • Default value : [ 16 ]