BCI2000 to OpenViBE Boxes + Scenario + Samples


The purpose of the signal trigger box is to translate  from BCI2000 states system to OpenViBE stimulations system.

The second box allows you to correctly insert stimulations (bounding) which are missing and does not make training possible.

Scenarios and (self recorded) samples for classic Motor Imagery are provided for you to understand and test it.

Signal concatenation has a particular (and tricky) behavior here which is also handled in scenarios.


The BCI2000 Reader Developed by Olivier Rochel (Inria Nancy) allows to translate BCI2000 raw file into 2 output signal matrix. One containing Biosignals channels, the other containing marker channels.

In this box output (raw BCI2000 output) you can see for example the following channels:

  • feedback” could take value 1 for “active” and 0 for “inactive”.
  • stimulus” would take 0 for “none”, 1 for “left hand”, 2 for “right hand” and 3 for “feet”

OpenViBE does not work the same, because it uses a Stimulation channel. All stimulations are defined by a unique code, a timestamp and a duration(even if not used).


Here are the content of my contribution.

  • Signal Trigger Box: BCI2000 stimulations are signal values, “Signal Trigger” box triggers stimulations when signal take specified values
  • Stimulation bounds box: allows to add stimulation that bounds signals, so it’s possible to manually create missing stimulations
  • Scenarios: translation and concatenation scenarios. The two previous boxes has to be installed
  • Signal samples: BCI2000 Motor Imagery Signals I recorded. There are a “3 classes” calibration, and Feedback session with 2 classes (Left vs Feet)

ps: oct-dec 2011 version was …. ?
ps2: didn’t test under linux

1 thought on “BCI2000 to OpenViBE Boxes + Scenario + Samples

  1. Dear all,

    I am a beginner with OpenVIBE and I want to use “BCI2000 to OpenVIBE Boxes + scenarios + Samples” contribution. However, when I try to dowload it, I have this message :

    “Invalid or Deleted File.
    The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.”

    So, where could I download this contribution?

    Thank you in advance for your help,