EventIDE is a visual environment for designing psychological experiments and educational activities. Being compatible with OpenViBE, EventIDE allows real-time signal processing and neurofeedback control in experimental design. Due to the excellent performance and timing accuracy, EventIDE enables implementation of advanced … Continue reading

by Ilja Korjoukov, rating 1/5


AdjustOpenvibe is a C++ application that fixes the scripts generated by “win32-generate-vc-proj.cmd”. It adds additional includes to header files and lib files that the aforementioned script for some reason fails to generate. The application is distributed in source, but it … Continue reading

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Adastra is a BCI (Brain Computer Interface) application. Adastra can run on top of OpenVibe and can use real-time data from OpenVibe. It also supports direct access to Emotiv EPOC. Adastra supports executing Octave(Matlab) code thanks to a C# Octave … Continue reading

by toncho11, rating 3.5/5