Add a contribution

This page will explain the process of adding a new OpenViBE contribution to this site.


A contribution consists of two parts :

  • A page describing its usage, installation and functionalities
  • An archive containing all of the files necessary for its usage which can not be obtained otherwise. This can also be a download page having the most recent version.

Important note : This website will not host the archive itself. You will have to upload the archive file to a publicly accessible location from where the users will be able to download it. If you do not have a web host on your own you can use a public hosting service.

List of file sharing services on Wikipedia

Note that these services delete files if the associated account becomes inactive for a long time. Please make sure that you update the file link in the case it expires.

Before submitting a new contribution please consider the following :

  • Try to make your contribution work on as many different installations as possible, this usually means
    • If possible, make it multi-platform (Windows and Linux).
    • Limit external dependencies to the minimum.
  • Verify that you have the right to distribute all of the content which is contained in the attached archive. If you include open source code in you own, assure yourself that you redistribute it under a compatible license.
  • Properly license your code – there are no restrictions on which licenses you can use, although open licenses are best for the community.

Disclaimer : In the pursuit of ever-better software we might contact you about the inclusion of your contribution in the official OpenViBE release. In case of tutorials, they might get included in the official documentation. With your permission, of course.

How to submit a contribution

Once you think you are ready to submit your contribution follow these steps.

Create an account on this website

First of all you will need an account on this website if you do not already have one. To avoid bots registering, the registration is currently manual.

Note : You will need a valid e-mail address to register.

  • Request an account by emailing us with a brief description of your situation
  • A generated password will be emailed to you (you will be able to change the password afterwards in the control panel)

Create a new post describing your contribution

Once you have logged in you will have the possibility to create new posts and edit your previous ones. Each contribution should have its very own post. This post will be what the users will see when they will search for your contribution.

The title of the page will be your contribution’s name. Try to find a short well-describing title so users will immediately know what your contribution does.

As for the posts content you are free to write anything you think is necessary to properly use your contribution. You can upload images to illustrate the text where it is needed.

  • Your post’s content will be published under the CC-BY-SA v3.0 license. Verify that all of the content you submit is compatible with it (Only the content of the post itself – image(s) and text).


Under the editor window are several meta-data fields which you should fill

  • Archive : A link to the download location containing files necessary to use your contribution. The OpenViBE website will not host any archives.
  • OpenViBE Version : You should precise for which version(s) of OpenViBE the contribution is compatible with.
  • Operating System : Although openvibe is multiplatform, some of the contributions may not work on both Linux and Windows. Please specify which OS(es) your contribution works on.
  • Excerpt : Please fill the excerpt with a short description of your contribution. Two or three sentences should be enough. This description will identify your contribution, e.g. when users will search the website.


On the right side you can choose one (or more if necessary) of the six categories for contribution.

Applications : External applications to use with OpenViBE. You should include all of your custom scenarios and/or scripts necessary to run your application. Please describe its usage in detail so users can reproduce your results.

Boxes : Any box algorithm should also come with a sample scenario describing its usage. You can distribute boxes either as source code or as .dll or .so libraries. Note that if you have used any GPL or similarily licensed code you have to provide a way to access the source code.

Drivers : Drivers must be distributed as source code. Please also describe how to add your driver to the acquisition server (this includes the modification of existing files in the Acquisition Server application).

Scenarios : If you have created the whole processing chain, consisting of scenarios and scripts (maybe boxes) you can use this category. Please annotate with comment boxes your scenarios to clarify any parts which need it.

Scripts : Any lua, matlab or python scripts belong to this category. Please include a sample scenario using your box.

Tutorials : We welcome all user-made how-tos, tutorials or hints which make the usage of OpenViBE easier, for users or programmers.


You have also a possibility to tag your contribution. The tags will autocomplete as you type them, please try to re-use existing tags if you can, this will facilitate the search.

Wait for the validation of your post

In order to maintain this site clean we reserve the right to refuse any post we deem inappropriate on this site. Before your submission will get published you might be contacted with remarks concerning your contribution. We will try to respond to all submission ASAP, nevertheless the validation might take some days.

Happy Contributing!