Box tutorials

  • NB: last update for OpenViBE 1.1.0. An updated version compliant to OpenViBE 2.x.x is available

This document does not contain all the box tutorials. For a complete list, look into

share/openvibe/scenarios/box-tutorials .

This folder contains simple scenarios, widely commented. Each one shows how to design with the provided boxes a basic processing pipeline. Here is a partial listing of these box-tutorials, ordered alphabetically:

  • channel-selector.xml: shows how to select a specific subset of channels in an EEG signal stream.
    Featured box: Channel Selector
  • classification-0-training.xml: shows how to build a classifier with artificial data.
    Featured box: Classifier Trainer
  • classification-1-testing.xml: shows how to classify fresh data with a trained classifier.
    Featured box: Classifier Processor
  • crop.xml: shows how to crop an input signal in a defined amplitude range.
    Featured box: Crop
  • gdf-reader.xml: shows how to read recorded data in GDF format.
    Featured box: GDF file reader
  • generic-stream-reader.xml: shows how to read recorded data in OpenViBE generic format.
    Featured box: Generic stream reader
  • network-acquisition.xml: shows how to acquire real-time EEG signal. Please note that this scenario can be used only with the Acquisition Server running in background.
    Featured box: Acquisition client
  • run-command.xml: shows how to execute system commands directly with OpenViBE.
    Featured box: Run Command
  • signal-display.xml: shows how to display signal in a visualization window.
    Featured box: Signal display
  • simple-dsp.xml: shows how to perform mathematical and logic computations on.
    Featured box: Simple DSP
  • tcp-writer.xml: shows how to send data via the TCP protocol. The scenario can be used with the provide application openvibe-examples-openvibe-to-tcpip.
    Featured box: TCP writer
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