Special features: Box settings file format

  • NB: Document concerns OpenViBE >= 0.11.0 (aug-2010).

In addition to input and output connectors, box algorithms may have configurable settings (e.g. the Time Scale of a Signal Display box, or the filename of a GDF File Reader box). These settings have a default value which can be changed on a per-box basis from the scenario edition window of the Designer application (see Box algorithms). However, it is sometimes desirable to load these settings from a file (e.g. when setting values of one scenario are generated by another scenario, or by external tools).

OpenViBE Designer allows the user to override box settings with values stored in files. The file format is XML-like. Settings must be declared in the same order as they are listed in the box prototype, or the box configuration box in the Designer. Here is an example to illustrate the ‘settings override’ file format:

If the settings of the box are:

  • 1. An algorithm name (Algo1 or Algo2)
  • 2. A float value
  • 3. A boolean value

The corresponding ‘settings override’ file may be:

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