Box muting

Box Muting

Box muting is a technique (since 0.17.0) that allows to temporarily disable boxes in Designer without removing them from the scenario. See here for the user-side documentation about muting boxes.

Muting a box will give it an attribute with ID of OV_AttributeId_Box_Muted and give it the value true. This indicates to the kernel that the processInput(), processClock() and process() function of the box are not to be called during the scheduler loop. Thus the box is effectively deactivated. If the box is equipped with message receiving capabilities, the processMessage() function is still called when a message is received.

A muted box is still initialized, so it is possible to activate it later in the scenario. Given a box static context IBox* l_pStaticBoxContext by calling (in its processMessage function) : l_pStaticBoxContext.setAttrinuteValue(OV_AttributeId_Box_Muted, “false”) the box should be unmuted at the next cycle.

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