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Drivers: mBrainTrain MBT Smarting

NB: Document was written for OpenViBE 2.0.0 The use of the mBrainTrain MBT Smarting is relatively straightforward with OpenViBE. On Windows, use the Bluetooth control panel to find out the COM port that the device is connected to. Enter this … Continue reading

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OpenViBE Consortium: Initial announcement

We are pleased to announce a new initiative concerning the governance, management and funding of OpenViBE. In 2018, we anticipate changing to a new governance structure called OpenViBE Consortium. Interested parties can join the consortium as members or donate to … Continue reading

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OpenViBE 2.0 released

OpenViBE 2.0 is a major new release of one of the world’s leading BCI software systems. OpenViBE 2.0 is the first OpenViBE to be based on the OpenViBE SDK, a result of 7+7 man years of expert software development and … Continue reading

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OpenViBE 2.0 BETA released

NB: this document is work in progress. Details may change (doc updated 28.Jul.2017). OpenViBE 2.0 BETA has been released! n.b. At the moment, the latest stable OpenViBE is 1.3.0. (tl\;dr : Downloads here) Scope OpenViBE 2.0 is a major new … Continue reading

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Recording ERPs and other stimulus-driven data

NB: The ERP recording scenarios mentioned in this tutorial first appeared in OpenViBE 2.0.0. Background Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) are brain patterns occurring in response to some external event. For example, the user might be presented a picture or a sound … Continue reading

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OpenViBE 1.3.0 released

You can download the new version at the Downloads page as usual. List of changes can be seen in the corresponding forum post.

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Miscellaneos slides

Here are some PDF slides of past OpenViBE-related presentations. Note that the information in the slides may not be up to date. For more current information, please follow the other links in the documentation index. Slides from OpenViBE events might … Continue reading

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Job offer: C++ software engineer, 2016-2017

Inria has a 1-year position open for a C++ software engineer. The position is in the context of the medical certification effort of the OpenViBE kernel. The engineer will work on the CertiViBE project in collaboration with Mensia Technologies. The … Continue reading

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Drivers: OpenBCI

(documentation written for OpenViBE 1.2.2) Document contributed by Yann Renard in collaboration with Puzzlebox n.b. This html doc has been more or less automatically generated from a Markdown source (.md in ov source tree) with some added information. Welcome Welcome … Continue reading

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OpenViBE 2016 workshop slides available

The 2016 OV workshop at Asilomar is now unfortunately over. On the positive side, we’ve now put the related slides online. You can find them here.

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