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Addressing low BCI accuracy – Error sources & solutions

Introduction When running an EEG-based BCI session – especially your first one – it can happen that the observed accuracy of the BCI leaves a lot to be desired. This can be normal and within the limitations of the current … Continue reading

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OpenViBE 2.2.0 released

You can download the new version at the Downloads page as usual. List of changes can be seen in the corresponding forum post.

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Drivers: Simulated Deviator (for debug)

NB: Document written for OpenViBE 2.2.0 (last update 22.Nov.2018) This page provides instructions for using the Simulated Deviator driver in the OpenViBE Acquisition Server. The driver appeared the first time in OV 2.2.0. Idea Simulated Deviator is a data generator … Continue reading

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Newcomer guide

This page contains materials that can be useful for new engineers hired by Inria starting to work on OpenViBE and needing an introduction and pointers to the tools and systems, as well as to the people involved with OpenViBE. Description … Continue reading

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OpenViBE Tracker (a prototype)

NB: document updated on 27.Nov.2018. Introduction OpenViBE Tracker is a new OpenViBE desktop application to complement the Designer and the Acquisition Server. Before the OpenViBE 2.2.0 release, the Tracker is available only on git. The purpose of the Tracker is … Continue reading

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The 3rd International OpenViBE workshop (2018)

Location: Miyazaki, Japan Date: October 7, 2018 Workshop of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (IEEE SMC 2018) Time 09:00 – 12:00 SuAM-R06-W02 : Third International OpenViBE Workshop Room: 4F R06 (4F Crystal) Session Chairs: Fabien Lotte, … Continue reading

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Tutorial – Level 1 – Choosing the BCI paradigm

Introduction Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) is an exciting research field that in the future may allow people to control computers using thoughts alone. Presently there is a good reason why this is not already the case and why we are still … Continue reading

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Differences between 1.x and 2.x series of OpenViBE

OpenViBE 2.0 aims to be largely compatible with OpenViBE 1.3.0. Most previous features remain available and compatible. Non-merged third-party OpenViBE scenarios and drivers should work with little or no modifications, requiring not much more work than a normal major OpenViBE … Continue reading

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Standalone scenario player

NB: Document was written for OpenViBE 2.0.1 (20.Feb.2018) Since OpenViBE 2.0.0, we have included a stand-alone scenario player in OpenViBE. This application is a streamlined player component to run pre-made OpenViBE XML scenarios made with OpenViBE Designer. The scenario-player can … Continue reading

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Extensions: Fiddler – P300 ‘generator’ for debug

NB: Document was written for OpenViBE 2.0.1 (30.Jan.2018) OpenViBE 2.0.1 introduced a plugin called ‘Fiddler’ to the Acquisition Server. Fiddler is intended to debug P300 scenarios. The idea is that in debug conditions, Fiddler guarantees you will have a P300-like … Continue reading

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