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Acquisition devices and drivers in OpenViBE

Comprehensive list of all acquisition devices currently supported in OpenViBE, officially or not, and on which OS platform they run. Continue reading

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Compiling on Fedora 14

In the newer versions of openvibe we have updated the CMake dependency to 2.8.7. Newer build system also relies on the GNUInstallDirs CMake include file, which is not present in CMake 2.8.4 and earlier. If you wish to compile latest … Continue reading

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Software architecture

Overview of the software architecture of OpenViBE with pointers to specific manager documentation. Continue reading

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Developing OpenViBE using Qt Creator

NB: concerns OpenViBE 0.16.0 and later NOTE: Using Qt Creator is an advanced way to build OpenViBE. More basic build mechanisms are recommended for new OpenViBE users. These instructions have been mainly written for Qt Creator on Linux. Some specific … Continue reading

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News for mid-February

Hello everyone, this is a small announcement regarding what is happening in the SVN. As you can see there were minor tweaks made to the webpage in order to modernize the looks for the new year. Some more changes will … Continue reading

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Tuning the build process – pre 0.16.0

Before openvibe 0.16.0 the build process was tuned inside the win32-init_env_command or linux-init_env_command. Since then the build has changed and the tuning process is described in the Building OpenViBE/Tuning the build process page. If you wish to use an older … Continue reading

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OpenViBE 0.15.0 available for immediate download

The OpenViBE Team is proud to announce a new release of our software. The new version is 0.15.0 and can be downloaded on the Downloads page. Contributors Many thanks to our contributors for their continuos support. Mensia Technologies (BrainMaster Atlantis … Continue reading

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Send stimulations from your application to the Acquisition Server

NB: Document updated 20.May.2016. In the OpenViBE 0.15.0 we have introduced a new way for external applications to communicate with OpenViBE. This document describes how to send stimulations from your application directly to the Acquisition Server. Motivation Some BCI applications … Continue reading

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Drivers: Brainmaster Discovery & Atlantis devices with OpenViBE

Documentation for the Brainmaster Discovery and Atlantis driver of the OpenViBE acquisition server which is dedicated to Brainmaster devices. Continue reading

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Drivers: BrainProducts actiCHamp driver

Copyright Notice: This document was written by Mensia Technologies (2013). Introduction This document describes how to use the OpenViBE driver for a BrainProducts actiCHamp amplifier. The documentation will cover the device capabilities, the corresponding driver and server configuration, and answers … Continue reading

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